Tree Stitch

Today I held my first art show. It wasn't a solo show, I had two marvelously talented ladies support me with photography and large watercolour and pencil pictures. The show was held at my family's music shop. they had a big empty hallway and I had paintings to fill it. Match made!
I ordered, cut, painted and finally hung picture rails along the hall. That was actually quite fun. I can see why people get hooked on home improvements. 

On Friday (yesterday) we brought all our art in as the store was closing and spent a few hours placing and hanging everything just so. I have immense gratitude to Andy Northedge for her experience and feel for display.  She grouped and hung all my paintings to see how they'd look, and I left them exactly where she put them, because it was perfect.

I had planned to separate these little pieces and group them with bigger ones. This is better.

Tracey hung her gorgeous photography in the gaps along the hallway. 

Seeing them all on the wall is simply thrilling.

A panorama of the back room. Such a great space.

I came in early this morning to put out the sign with bright yellow streamers, prepare refreshments to serve, and make sure everything was in order.  I had to bring my five year old son with me, but he was a lot less trouble than I had braced for.

Pretty proud of my slices and cake. Tracey and her daughter made the gorgeous cupcakes.

People began arriving quite soon! Firstly my brother and his family dropped in to have a look and show their support on their way somewhere. Their compliments gave me a very welcome boost of confidence.
Tracey and her daughters got in, bringing cupcakes and some welcome chatter. 

My father Philip Snitch played the piano and sang away. He seemed to have a great time. It's not too often he gets to just play anything he likes. I joined him for a few songs, and my sister joined in later on, so much fun.

Philip Snitch on piano.

Philip Snitch on piano.

There was not a huge crowd of people. Many of the friends and acquaintances who had promised to drop in did not, but a fairly steady flow of people came through from 10am until around 2pm. I had the opportunity to speak with every guest about my work and their thoughts on it. Time and time again  my less-favourite pieces proved popular. Twisted Coastal Textures was a couple of people's favourites, mostly men, which is interesting.

If no one had come, I would have been disappointed. However, seeing my very own artwork displayed so beautifully made me so incredibly happy, and I am so proud of myself for making this happen.

Near the end of the day, Tracey brought in a giant bunch of flowers, for me! She made a lovely little speech thanking me for letting (letting!) her help me, and expressing her pride in me for bringing it together. I may have cried.

Me, being candidly awkward, Andy, and Tracey, speeching.

OK yes I cried a little. And then ran off to cry out of sight.

And thank you ^so^ much for getting pictures of it, Suzie. 

And thank you ^so^ much for getting pictures of it, Suzie. 

Four guests fell in love with pieces, and purchased them. I have a few orders for family trees. The show paid for itself. I am astounded, delighted, and so incredibly proud that I feel I might burst. Nothing went wrong. We've all learned some things to do better next time. Having other people look at and love my art is a brand new experience for me, and I don't think I will ever be the same.

I have sent the following blurb to the local paper, with hope for it to be published, along with some event pictures:

On Saturday 26 June 2015 Heather Snitch, supported by Tracey Thompson and Andy Northedge, held her first Art exhibition, Tree Stitch, at Harmonikos music store.
Refreshments were enjoyed, and all were welcome to view or purchase the art on display, accompanied by piano music from Philip Snitch.
Heather is an up-and-coming artist who creates embroidered trees on painted landscapes, celebrating the textures and colours found in nature. Currently living in Blayney, Heather has been a Bathurst local all her life.
Tracey and Andy displayed their photography and watercolour paintings respectively.
Tree Stitch was a resounding success, and will hopefully be the first of many exhibitions to be held in Harmonikos.
Please visit for more information and to view Heather’s collection.

I love lilies. these flowers are perfection.

Making a "professional artist" face.

Putting the sold stickers on made me so incredibly happy I was dancing down the hall.

I made these in the last few weeks specifically for the show, and they sold! I didn't get a very good picture. I will need to photograph them at a later date.