A friend of mine has a fantastic Redbubble store, full of photography, mixed media and abstract pieces. Have a look at her awesome work here:

While I was visiting her in Melbourne recently, I noticed that she was snapping photos of all sorts of things, getting close to details I wouldn't have noticed at all. She has a fantastic eye. She inspired me to look differently at the things around me. I was on holiday with my son, so I had my camera out all the time anyway. I mostly took photos of us hanging out, but along the way I started thinking about compositions and colours.

A few days later my son and I headed to Darebin Parklands (gorgeous park, by the way, visit it if you have the chance) for the day. We climbed hills, followed paths, lost ourselves in the magical piece of green land amidst suburban north Melbourne. The gum trees were in bloom, and I found many patches of flowers to photograph. My landscape attempts were fairly woeful, but closer pictures were nice.

Once we got home I had a play with the photos in my editing software, and it was so much fun. From simple enhancing to complete colour transformations, I have made a whole bunch of gorgeous pictures that I am SO proud of.


All these photographs are available on my redbubble store as prints, clothing, homewares and skins. This is my store:

Basically, I am Feraloidies everywhere, heh.